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    Saturday, October 26, 2019   /   by Nikki Keye

    Finally, a Proper Donut Shop in the Valley.

    Located in Historic Midway, Judy’s Donuts is a great addition to the local restaurant scene.  Locally owned and operated, Judy’s is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm. They also feature a drive-through window for those not interested in getting out of their car to get their donut fix on.
    Judy’s has a swanky clean interior featuring white subway tile, rustic wood floor, and vintage floral wallpaper.
    Their donut offering is plentiful.  Glazed, cake, iced, bismark donuts with bavarian creme along with jelly button donuts, maple bars, Persian buns and fritters as big as your face!  My daughter opted for a caterpillar stick, which was a fun way to display and eat donut holes. Lastly, they offer "The Judy" Bar a family secret recipe.
    Coffee can be made to order with their espresso machine.  They feature Caffe Ibis coffee. If you are feeling a little foggy, make sure you order a Brain Boost.   This hot concoction is made from blended ...

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    Friday, October 11, 2019   /   by Nikki Keye

    First time buyer? 3 things you need to buy a home

    Most homeowners can clearly recall that moment it became clear that they could, and would, buy a home. Ditching the landlord is a dream of many and when you can see that dream – grasp it – it’s intoxicating. It’s easy to jump right into the process and let the cards fall where they may, but it’s not wise. There’s a system to buying a home, and those that are successful follow the steps. Before you jump online to look at homes for sale, start with the basics: the 3 basic things you need to buy a home.

    You’ll need a mortgage

    Unless you are among the 23 percent of homebuyers who will pay cash for a home, you’ll need to borrow the money to pay for it.

    The loan you’ll use is called a “mortgage,” a word that traces its origins appropriately to the Old French “death pledge.” Ok, so 30 years may not put you on death’s door, but it will feel as if you’ve been repaying this loan forever.

    But, lo. ...

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